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Guest Blog: Zoontjens

Guest Blog: Zoontjens



Zoontjens will take you into the world of roofs. By helping to design and construct that unused space above us, making buildings more sustainable. Decades of thought leadership, innovation and experience have made Zoontjens, a CRH company, the roofscaping specialist.

Zoontjens’ slab systems for flat roofs have given the company an impressive track record. They are designed to ensure a stable and durable roof surface at all times. Regardless of whether it is for walking on, working on, parking or recreation. Easy to install, disconnect, remove or reuse. The systems are real feats of engineering. 

The newest innovative solution of Zoontjens is the A1 Smart-Ped system. An unique patented pedestal system, made from recycled aluminum and zinc coated steel, specially designed for use with A1 fire safety requirements and to combat wind uplift.

Get to know the team, products and systems of Zoontjens? Visit their stand R22 Public Spaces Expo! YOU’RE INVITED TO TOUCH THE SKY with Zoontjens!


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