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Guest Blog: Ketley Brick

Guest Blog: Ketley Brick

A ‘Sculpture Garden’ by Ketley Brick

A ‘Sculpture Garden’, created for RHS Chelsea 2024 is a collaboration between artist Tom Hiscocks and UK manufacturer Ketley Brick.

The display uses different shapes, colours and types of clay landscaping products to create eye-catching features and define separate areas within the garden as a stunning backdrop for Tom’s works of art.


An array of different features

Laid throughout the garden, Ketley’s Tenger (200mm x 50mm x 65mm) pavers, with a slip-resistant drag-faced texture and warm red tones provide a contemporary rustic setting.

Set within the pavers an intricate circle of (265mm x 11mm) Linium Bricks bordered by Staffordshire blue cobble pavers, draws the eye to the garden’s centrepiece ‘Snow Drops’.

Handmade ornamental arrowhead clay tiles laid vertically in a contemporary geometric pattern create a stunning contrast to the curves of the copper bull sculpture.

Directly opposite, a lightweight Staffordshire blue wall constructed from extruded brick slips and corner slips forms a cool backdrop with the appearance of solidity and permanence.

To add elements of surprise, contemporary-shaped Vision bricks are randomly placed within the wall and foliage spills from hollowed-out planters, as a practical and versatile way of adding biodiversity.

Natural strength and durability

Fundamental to the ‘Sculpture Garden’ are Ketley’s natural Staffordshire clay colours, which are produced traditionally without the use of artificial pigments or stains.

Their immense strength and durability (Class A engineering brick standard) resists erosion from the element and makes them the perfect long-term sustainable solution for landscaping projects.

Ketley has been manufacturing clay products from its factory in Dudley, Midlands since 1805.

To find out more about our landscaping products visit us at Public Spaces on stand P56 Email: or visit:


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