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Exhibitor Focus: MyCumulus B.V

Exhibitor Focus: MyCumulus B.V

More Effective Management of Public Space with MyCumulus

Public space is considered an important and essential factor for the livability and quality of life in municipalities. Therefore, maintenance and monitoring of public space are essential for the livability of municipalities. As the manager of the public space, municipalities have an important task of ensuring safety and livability for their residents and visitors.

Important components of public space include, for example, traffic signs and traffic control installations, but playground equipment and works of art are also an important part of it. Poor maintenance or late replacement of this street furniture due to incomplete or incorrect monitoring can lead to unsafe situations or serious injury.

Therefore, the management and maintenance of street furniture in municipalities is an important task that must be carried out carefully. To map the condition of street furniture, monitor the physical condition, and plan maintenance in a targeted manner, many municipalities use geographic information systems (GIS).

Inspections of street furniture are carried out by spatial managers. They use an inspection protocol developed in collaboration with the maintenance and management departments. The protocol is based on the applicable standards and guidelines for the inspection of street furniture and helps inspectors assess the condition of the furniture.

Because MyCumulus can be widely used for both new data acquisition and monitoring and can easily connect to external software solutions, MyCumulus is the ideal solution for any municipality that wants to digitize its spatial management quickly and easily.

With the help of the app, street inspectors can immediately record inspection results on location and collect this information in a structured way via forms. This provides a more efficient and accurate way of data collection and contributes to a faster processing of inspection data in the GIS.

Forms are standard provided with location data, but through smart integration, a form can also be equipped with functionalities such as photos and automatic location and address data, allowing inspectors to quickly and easily collect additional information that is of added value for the management and maintenance of street furniture.

Integrating MyCumulus Cloud Data Collection into your current system for inspection of street furniture, therefore, leads to a more efficient and accurate way of data collection and processing, which ultimately ensures better and more effective management and maintenance of street furniture in municipalities.

Would you like to know more? You can find MyCumulus at stand K50 of the Public Spaces expo during Futurescape 2023.

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