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Guest Blog: Lindum Turf

Guest Blog: Lindum Turf

Sidmouth Flood Alleviation Scheme

Over the course of several years, Sidmouth experienced severe flooding. Jacobs took on the
responsibility of creating a flood control plan to mitigate the risk of future flooding and protect
the homes and businesses in the town.

Jacobs reached out to us regarding their defense system plans and invited us to collaborate
with them on a site visit to discuss incorporating our Grassfelt product for soil stabilisation in
the amphitheater. Additionally, they were interested in using our plastic-free wildflower turf to
create a new wildflower area.

We provided more than 1000 square meters of Grassfelt for the construction of the
ampitheater. Grassfelt is a unique product developed by us specifically for this type of project.
It is made of real grass but does not contain any soil that could be potentially washed away
washed away in a flood, weakening the system’s stability. Instead, it is grown on a plastic free,
biodegradable mat. When the roots of the grass penetrate the soil, it forms a highly durable
barrier that solidifies the structure and stabilises the soil on the embankment.

A vast expanse of our eco-friendly wildflower turf, spanning nearly 400 square meters, was
utilized to create a captivating wildflower haven that also aids the Sustainable Drainage
System. This nature-inspired landscape not only enhances the beauty of Sidmouth for locals
and tourists alike but also promotes sustainability by offering a secure haven for local
pollinators and wildlife.

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