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Guest Blog: Encho Enchev - ETE

Guest Blog: Encho Enchev – ETE

Encho Enchev – ETE Ltd. is a well known company in the Eastern European outdoor furniture market,
producing all kinds of garden and park furniture. The manufacture includes a variety of concrete and
metal benches, picnic tables, drinking fountains, concrete planters, litter bins (trash receptacles),
umbrella stands, concrete bollards and table tennis tables widely used in furnishing of public areas.
Our products are very suitable for residential areas, kindergartens, playgrounds, hotels, public pools,
parking lots, walking alleys, resort villages and many more. Regardless of the intended use, with us you
will find the necessary furniture that perfectly fits your landscape and sense of beauty, quality and
comfort. All benches manufactured by us comply with three basic criteria:

1. Follow the human body shape for comfortable seating.
2. Made of high-quality materials for maximum durability in all weather conditions.
3. Uniquely designed to suit every taste.

These three criteria have become our moto – BEAUTY, QUALITY AND COMFORT.

Since 2005, with the renewed base and modern technologies, we launched on the market the first
product lines with decorative concrete products for the park and the city. Offering the most refined,
sustainable and functional products, the company has established itself as a leader on the Bulgarian
market – there is almost no city, settlement or resort without benches, planters, anti-parking systems,
park concrete decorations and many other products by us. The unique identity of concrete products
opens markets to Romania, Germany, Italy, France, Lithuania, Turkey, Greece and Moldova.


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