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Partnership Announcement: Association of Play Industries

Partnership Announcement: Association of Play Industries

Public Spaces Expo is delighted to announce a partnership with the Association of Play Industries!

About the API

A conversation on the role of play in communities is long overdue.  Beyond the traditional view of play as a childhood activity, we need to recognise its pivotal role in shaping inclusive and thriving communities. Thoughtfully designed inclusive play spaces are not just recreational areas; they serve as catalysts for social interaction, fostering a sense of unity among residents of all ages.

Architects and housing developers play a pivotal role in this narrative. By integrating purposeful play areas into urban planning, they contribute not only to regulatory compliance but also to the creation of sustainable, people-centric communities. These spaces enhance the overall live-ability of neighbourhoods, attracting families and promoting community pride.

Prioritising and investing in accessible, safe, and engaging play spaces is a strategic move that goes beyond the immediate benefits for children. It becomes an investment in the physical and mental health of residents, reducing social inequalities and fostering a sense of belonging.

The API is committed to supporting policy makers, developers, councils and architects in ensuring that safe, well-designed play opportunities are available for every community.

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