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Green Earth Habitats

Green Earth Habitats is at the forefront of environmental sustainability, specialising in crafting tailor-made habitats that promote the flourishing of native British biodiversity. With a foundation rooted in responsible practices and material integrity, we create these habitats from ethically sourced Oxfordshire cedar.

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We work in close collaboration with forest managers to ensure ethical sourcing, and every product undergoes rigorous testing at our wildlife-rich working farm in Worcestershire.

Our diverse range of offerings includes nesting boxes, terraces, towers, and even bespoke hotels, all meticulously designed to support thriving ecosystems. These habitats are not limited by location; we bring our solutions to various settings, be it commercial buildings, residential gardens, or community green spaces.

Green Earth Habitats goes beyond habitat installation. We also provide expert guidance on local environmental enhancement, advising on suitable native forage and vegetation to ensure the well-being of these ecosystems.

Whether your interest lies in creating sanctuaries for bees, butterflies, bats, or birds, our custom installations offer an effective means to integrate biodiversity into urban and suburban environments. Our holistic approach to sustainability ensures that every aspect of our operation aligns with a broader mission of environmental stewardship.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of how Green Earth Habitats can transform your outdoor spaces while upholding your commitment to sustainability, we invite you to explore our website at


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