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A proud British company, family owned since its conception in 1995, EverEdge was the first UK lawn edging company established and played its part in forging what is the landscape edging industry today.

Under the entrepreneurial leadership of its founder, Richard Hall and then his son Alexander, EverEdge has evolved since 1995, to a company that supplies cost effective solutions as well as quality products to a wide sphere of customers, designers and landscape architects.

From the early years pre 2000 where the business supplied just 3 products in its Classic range, chiefly to the private gardener, the company has now branched into not just lawn edgings but bespoke durable garden planters, podium planter systems, wall claddings and a comprehensive range of edgings for professionals.

This growth, collaborating with Everedge customers, has not been purely in the UK. EverEdge has long and deep ties with numerous overseas markets within Europe, North America and Australasia.

With a “can do” mentality throughout all the employees, the business is constantly taking on new challenges and turning concepts into products that work and stand up to the test of time.

The Classic range is the durable, flexible and simple solution to maintaining clean and permanent garden edges.


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