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Andrew Liso – Edglit™ – New innovation – Light integrated garden edging

At the core of good urban design solutions, is creating liveable places that enhance people’s ability to engage with each other and feel comfortable in their environment.

Launched earlier this year in Australia and New Zealand, Edglit™ is a NEW patented innovation in garden lighting. Edglit combines functions of edging to define spaces and lighting in one easy solution.

Winner of an Australian Good Design Award, Edglit strives to simply deliver a designed look and engaging spaces with a low maintenance and eco-friendly garden edge lighting innovation.

Edglit’s automated lighting of gardens not only adds atmospheric entertaining to outdoor spaces, but when positioned to be viewed from within buildings, results in a sense of extended space. Bringing the outside in.

Edglit’s garden edging uses Wi-Fi technology to create smart-gardens. Spaces  that can be programmed to colour choices depending on the context and usage of the environment. For special events and celebrations, you can curate Edglit lighting to synchronise to the beat of the music being played.

Enjoy the flexibility to illuminate not only pathways for safety, but to also up-light plants and trees in gardens. Transform tired looking outdoor spaces with Edglit’s new light-integrated edging system to improve the functional use, aesthetic and liveability of spaces after dark.

As a result, Edglit highlights purposeful landscape design, welcoming people into spaces with effective outdoor lighting – greatly improving the appeal and functionality of gardens to also be enjoyed at night.


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