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Eco Green Communities Ltd

Eco Green Communities goal is to educate communities to maintain green spaces and provide solutions to local authorities without cost. By implementing this model, the aim is to reduce littering, promote responsible waste management, and create a positive environmental impact in troubled areas.

  1. Provision of Stations: The stations, which likely include waste disposal units or bins, are provided to councils at no cost. These stations are intended to be placed in areas that are known for having littering problems.
  2. Council Hosting: The councils are responsible for hosting these stations in the identified troubled areas. By placing the stations strategically, they aim to encourage the community to dispose of waste properly.
  3. Dispensing Bags: The stations are designed to dispense Certified Compostable bags to the community members, enabling them to pick up litter and dispose of it appropriately. This approach promotes community engagement and encourages responsible waste management.
  4. Signage for Messaging: The stations also offer signage opportunities to display key messages related to waste management and environmental conservation. This allows councils to communicate important information and raise awareness among the community.
  5. Maintenance Responsibility: The maintenance of these stations can be undertaken by the council itself, waste operatives, or community groups. Regular upkeep ensures the stations remain functional and accessible to the community.
  6. Funding Model: The stations can be funded through a direct purchase model or a corporate social responsibility (CSR) sponsorship model. In the latter case, businesses can sponsor the stations, and the funds received from sponsors can be used to cover the costs of producing and distributing the bags.
  7. Involvement of Eco Green Communities: Eco Green Communities, as the name suggests, play a role in finding sponsors for the stations. They also generate positive public relations (PR), engage in tree planting initiatives, and create case studies to showcase the positive impact of these efforts.

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